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Sterkenburg Castle. Click to see larger image.Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers

It was at Sterkenburg Castle in 1971 that Dutch Denturists first started their education and training for professional status. The Dutch Denturist pioneers started courses that were, initially, run over two years with attendance once a week. Very soon, Denturists were attending the courses for entire weekends. Sterkenburg Castle became their weekend school and home! Because of their comprehensive training, Denturists retained their right to educate themselves and pressure government for legal status. After official recognition, they decided to form a brotherhood of Denturists from those original pioneers, to honour those who were committed to Denturism and education.

The Sterkenburger philosophy is to help and support the education of Denturists and honour those who have shown an unyielding commitment to the Denturist profession worldwide.

Candidates for induction are nominated by the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers through the Executive of the IFD, and the Abt, who is appointed for life. This prestigious position was held by Pieter Brouwer until his death in 2005. The International Federation of Denturists has agreed that no one person would ever be able to take Mr. Brouwer's place. The administration of the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers is now with the Executive of the IFD.

Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers Guidelines for Induction

The Sterkenburger has been bestowed on:

The Netherlands
Mr. J.A.Bandel, TP
Mr. L.A. Bertens, TP
Mr. P. Brouwer, TP†
Mr. W.M. Busse, TP
Mr. E.W. Engelbrecht, TP
Mr. W. te Gussinklo, TP
Mr. J. Fontijn, TP
Mr. J.H. Jansen,TP
Mr. R. Leeseman, TP
Mr. J.C. van Leeuwen, TP
Mr. J.Th.J.M. van der Linden, TP
Mr. M. Mattiassen, TP
Mr. L.F. Mersman, TP
Mr. L.F. Mertens, TP
Mr. J. Perfors, TP
Mr. H. Pool, TP
Mr. J.P.A. Rossel, TP
Mr. P.A. Sparenburg, TP
Mr. H. de Vries, TP
Mr. J. Willems, TP
Dr. H.H.P. Vergouwen,
Dr. W. Sneeuwloper.
Mr. M.A. van Oudheusden,

Slovak Republic
Mr. Stefan Masik DD
Mr. Stanislav Skoda

Mr. John Salamone-Reynaud DD

Mr. Urban Christen-Mendez, DD

South Africa
Mr. Duffy Malherbe


United Kingdom
Mr. Chris Allen, TP   
Mr. Ph. J. Tucker, TP
Mr Maxted. D. Jones †
Mr. Patrick Nicholls, MP
Mr. John Goodman DD
Mr. Peter Meeds DD †

Mr. Viggo Bramstoft, DD

Mr. Harri Aalto Eht

Mr. Michel Gamache, DD
Prof. E.Michael Vakalis DD
Mr. Tony Sarrapuchiello DD
Mrs. Gerry Hansen
Mr. Robert Pereault DD †
Mr. Mario Wojcicki DD
Mr. Martin Damphousse d.d.
Mr. Carlo Zanon DD
Mr. Michael Vout DD

Mr. M.L.L. Kortleven, TP
Mr. Matthias Luypaert, DD

United States
Mr. William Buxton Sr., DD †
Mr. Frederick Gerrity, DD †
Mr. Austin Carbone DD
Mr. Paul Levasseur LD
Mr. Bruce Anderson DD †

Mr. Stephen Boxhall DD
Mr. Graham Key DD




On September 26th 2018, at the Cocktail opening the IFD Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Duffy Malherbe was inducted into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers.



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